We follow the curriculum prescribed the Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka for both I and II Pre University courses. From the academic year 2012-13, National Science Core Curriculum is adapted for I PU (PCMB) Course. 


March 2013

English - Compulsory

Optional Languages (Students may choose any one of these Languages)

Kannada  Sanskrit |  Hindi |  French
(Students opting for French should have basic knowledge of French)



PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) 
PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science)
PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics) 


CAMS (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Statistics) 
CAME (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Economics) 

  Social Science

PPES (Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology)
HESP (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science)
HEPP (History, Economics, Political Science, Psychology)


The 29th of June buzzed with excitement as everyone assembled around the quadrangle to witness the investiture ceremony for the teachers and student heads who are responsible for the various clubs and associations. The chief guest, Dr Nitin, alumni of CJC and presently working in St John’s Hospital, delivered a highly motivating speech that encouraged the students to come out of their shells and grow as individuals by being a part of the various clubs and associations. Having once been a member of the science forum and the SWO himself, Dr Nitin also shared with us inspirational stories from his days as a student here.

Representing the Science Forum, Mrs Priya S, the teacher coordinator and Mohit Raj Bhurat, the student president of the same, undertook the responsibility of performing their duties towards the forum to the best of their ability. Under their leadership and guidance, and with the cooperation of the entire team, we look forward to an exciting and eventful year for the science forum!