The college follows a dress code that the students ought to adhere to compulsorily on all days that they are on campus. We insist on the dress code even during examinations and fests.

  • Boys are expected to wear only formal shirts and trousers.
    Boys are expected to have short cut hair in neat, clean and ordinary style . Jeans and T-shirts, Spiking, application of gel and colouring of hair, wearing a beard, stubble or sideburns, Wearing chains and ear-studs is not permitted .

  • Girls must wear knee length kameez and salwar with dupatta.
    Jeans, T-shirts, Stoles, short kurtas, leggings, Palazzos, culottes, skirts, colouring of hair, piercing of body is not permitted.

  • To promote a sense of ‘constitutional secularism’ within the institution, students are expected to adhere to the orders of the High Court.