What is the admission process along with important dates?

Submit the online application form or visit the school admission office. The eligible applicants will be informed through mail. There will be a skill-based admission test set on class nineth and tenth syllabus.

The admission test shall be followed by counselling and a personal interview with the Head of the School. The selected candidates shall have to pay the fee within the specified days as intimated by the office.

Is it possible to meet a counsellor in your esteemed institute to get more clarity?

Yes; however, you must take prior appointment with the counsellor by writing to

Who can apply for CJC-IBDP programme?

In order to pursue the IB Diploma Programme at Christ Junior College - IBDP, you must have completed class X from a recognized Board. Also, you must have studied Mathematics till class tenth.

Where can we get details regarding the subject combination, syllabus, fees and admission criteria?

Information regarding the subject combination and admission criteria has been published on the website. The syllabus for these combinations could be found on the IBO website.

The details regarding the fee could be found from the counsellor or the CJC-IBDP office.

Will students get Physics, Mathematics and Economics as core subjects of study in 11th and 12th?

Yes, students can take these combinations. For other combinations, kindly check the subject combinations offered.

Could students meet the Diploma Programme Coordinator to understand the programme better?

Yes, with prior appointment. Kindly write to

How long are the admissions open?

The admission for an academic year commences in December of the previous academic year and is concluded by June.

Can outstation students study IBDP at Christ Junior College?

Yes. Students must make their own arrangement for their accommodation. However, the school requires local guardians.

Is Christ Junior College - IBDP the same program as Christ Junior College - Residential or both of them are different and take place at different locations? Is it compulsory to opt for residence in both of these?

They are two different IB schools at two different locations. They offer different subject combinations. Christ Junior College IBDP at main campus is not a residential one, whereas Christ Junior College Residential at Kengeri campus, as the name suggests, is a residential one and is meant only for boys.

If a student is interested in a commerce pathway, is it compulsory for him/her to opt for science subjects? Could you clarify?

It is compulsory for a student to choose a subject in Group 4. However, Group 4 also has Environmental Systems and Societies which is interdisciplinary in nature.

Could the application be submitted to college via email?

No, it must be completed and submitted via the admission application portal on the website.

Can the students visit in person to get details about admission process?

Yes, students could visit the campus and make enquiries at the admission office on working days.

Does the college provide hostel and transport facilities?

The college does not provide hostel and transport facilities.

Do the undergraduate colleges in India accept IBDP for admissions?

Yes, the undergraduate colleges in India do accept IBDP for admissions.

Does CJC-IBDP offer both May and November examination cycles?

CJCIBDP offers only May Examination cycle.

Can students opt for three science subjects in IBDP?

Yes; ; however, it is subject to approval from the International Baccalaureate.