Service learning is the development and application of knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified community need. It is also a space that provides opportunities for teachers and students to connect curriculum to address real-world issues. It foregrounds a student’s prior knowledge and background to foster enquiries and fashion their service experiences.

All forms of service should involve five stages - investigation, preparation, action, reflection and demonstration. Investigation, preparation and action should meet an authentic identified community need. Reflection on significant experiences throughout informs problem-solving and choices; demonstration allows for sharing of what has taken place. The service actions during the service learning experience could be either direct service, indirect service, advocacy or research.

The Centre for Social Action, the development wing of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), set up to coordinate social sensitization programmes for students and undertake community development projects for marginalized communities provides spirit, logistical support and resilience to the service learning initiatives at Christ Junior College – IBDP.